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Designer Tips for Fun Game Rooms

Designer Tips for Fun Game Rooms

Do you have an avid gamer in your family that you’re ready to kick out of the family living room?  While their presence is no doubt welcome, the constant road and blaring of their computer games might not be. One option, provided you have the room in your home, is to convert a space, away from the main family living space, into a fun game room. Follow these recommendations from the design experts to ensure your avid gamer is just as happy in their new space, or more so, than in the middle of the family gathering area.

The first step is to identify the space for the new game room and set a budget. Begin by emptying the space of furnishings. Remove existing window treatments and artwork from the walls. Place large drop cloth or sheets over furniture that is too large to move. Prepare the wall for painting. Select a color with a soft hue the will set the tone for a fun and relaxing space. If you’re having difficulties selecting a color, remind yourself that you’re not naming a baby, but selecting a $25 gallon of paint. Apply two coats of paint to the walls and touch up the baseboards and woodwork as needed. Wait at least two days before placing new furnishings in the space. If the paint has not completely cured, paint fumes can potentially linger in upholstery.

Select a deep sofa or club chairs that every gamer would be thrilled to spend hours in competing on the latest computer games. Side tables for drinks and snacks should be used in lieu of a main coffee table. Opt for ottomans instead. A main entertainment cabinet or sideboard is ideal for the placement of the TV. Take advantage of the awesome deals offered by Groupon coupons and invest in attractive storage options for gaming software and peripherals from the huge selection available through The Container Store  . Opt for window panels with a back room darkening panel. Many gamers prefer to block out the sunlight when in the midst of an intense game in the middle of the afternoon. No doubt you’re gamer will be thrilled to spend weekend afternoons gaming in this awesome space. Not only have you succeeded in creating a fantastic gaming space, but you’ve also reclaimed your family living room in the process!

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