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Father Jason David talks about CBD and his son’s treatment

Father Jason David talks about CBD and his son’s treatment

Jason David, a Cannabis treatment expert and star of the Discovery Channel (War on drugs), who along with Harborside Health Center and Steephill Labs and Fred Gardner of the CBD Project were instrumental in CBD’s rediscovery in 2009 / 2010. Thanks to their testing and research on CBD-rich mother plants, they eventually breed Jamaican lion, Harlequin, ACDC, and countless other CBD-rich strains available throughout the country. Just the other reality and Jason answers the interviewer’s questions that shows us the other side of the coin.

How is Jayden currently and what medications are he currently taking?

Jason: He’s my life. It is going well, thanks to it is in the right treatment finally. He is currently taking “Jayden’s Juice MCT oil  which he sells on Harborside. It is a product that is rich in CBD and CBD. He is also using THCA. “Jayden’s Juice MCT oilcontains 12.5 mg of CBG, (Cannabigerol (CBG) is a minor cannabinoid found during the early stages of the flowering cycle). And more than 16mg of CBD per milliliter and four active terpenoids. He does not need active THC anymore, but THC was critical during the weaning process, without the THC Jayden would have died. The withdrawal of benzodiazepines is like heroin withdrawal and the only thing that could get rid of the withdrawal symptoms was THC. One thing that needs to change is that, currently, I can get medicine for my son from a pharmacy on any corner, but those medicines will only make your crisis worse. I have to drive over two hours to get the remedy that he needs to really get better, so some parents are even more distant. It is our right given by God to use this plant, there is no reason it should be so difficult.

You said that Jayden would not have survived the process of weaning pharmaceuticals, nor with Cannabis without THC;
 What were the ideal proportion of the product you used?

Jason: I definitely would not have survived. There’s no way to wean just CBD, I’ve tried a lot. It only made withdrawal symptoms worse. Cannabidiol inhibits CYP450 and related liver enzymes that are necessary for the drugs to process normal. Without them the toxicity accumulates in the liver. THC actually relaxes the tension in the brain of the abstinence from benzodiazepine withdrawal that Jayden was suffering. The best product I found was the oil from a complete Cannabis extract that sells at Harborside, the 1-1 ratio of CBD and THC. CBD makes the psychoactive effects of THC smoother. We did experiments with different proportions. There is not a single dose for everyone because we are all different, fortunately we found what worked for Jayden from the start. It’s all that game of “trial and error” until you find the right proportion of cannabinoids; Which was great in this case having Harborside as your partner, since they have so many options to choose from, you end up finding one that works.

Most parents who start using CBD in the treatment of seizures have discovered more about it through other people, the more frequent of which is you.
 How did you first discover about cannabis as a drug? Do you feel that the CBD alone is enough?

Jason: Jayden was dying and I felt suicidal. The pharmacists were driving me crazy. I could tell that the pills were making it worse, but I did not know what to do. I heard the news about a boy who was kicked out of high school for smoking marijuana and I started doing some research on him. I ended up finding information that the federal government had a patent on the use of cannabidiol for epilepsy, I knew I had found something. On this day I ran into Harborside to get my first CBD-rich cannabis to Jayden. You can watch War on Weed to see more about it. It was in 2011, CBD was a whole new thing and no one was testing it yet. Even without knowing the exact reason, the cannabis I gave to Jayden worked and had his first day free of crises. It was amazing.

The first batch lasted four months and it worked very well. The next batch did not work as well. It was then that they started paying attention to the CBD / THC relationship, that’s when I got in touch with Dr. William Courtney. I discovered that the first batch I was using had a CBD / THC ratio of 6-1, the second batch only had 3-1 which seemed not to be enough to help Jayden. Nine months after I started treatment with the CBD with Jayden was when Paige, Charlotte’s mother, contacted me asking for help with Charlotte.

So did Charlotte’s parents first hear about Medical Cannabis or CBD through you?

Jason: They contacted me and asked for help, specifically their mother Paige. Charlotte had come from three months of constant seizures and they were desperate for help, but none of them had a medical prescription for cannabis use. I got in touch with a dispensary in Colorado, but without a prescription they would not help the Figi. Then the Collegiate Dispensary gave me a phone number of someone who would sell medical cannabis to them “off label.” To sell it had nothing rich in CBD, but had some lollipops rich in THC. As Wholesale CBD Oil is easy to buy. I told them to get them as fast as possible. Paige contacted me later and told me that although it was not perfect, the THC-rich lollipop that she gave Charlotte made her have her first day free of crises in weeks.

Have you ever tried Charlotte’s web for Jayden? 

Jason: I did a very quick test with CharlotteWeb but her seizures increased by far more than fifteen seizures a day. Dai and u have talked to a lot of parents, I have people who contact me every day, and many others have had the same experience with their children. While it may work for some kids, the Charlotte Web (cider-rich hemp) does not work for everyone and did not work for Jayden. Some of these parents have told me that they are giving up cannabis and returning to pharmaceuticals, others who have moved to the colorado behind the Charlotte Web CBD is moving back to their town, discouraged because it is a plant breed that did not work . There are a number of other CBD rich options out there, I know because I have been using it for years. I also know that many of these parents, like myself and Jayden, Have been using THC and THCA as well as CBD, they just are not disclosed. You need different cannabinoids for different things and at different stages of the weaning and healing process.

What are your thoughts on the proposed Charlotte Web Act of 2014, the federal CBD and “hemp therapeutic” legalization project?

Jason: The legalization of Cannabis has never been just about a component, a strain, or a method. There are thousands of methods, more than a hundred cannabinoids, and numerous strains. This bill is not even coming to help 1% of the patients out there. A lot of people only believe in what they see and hear on TV instead of doing their own research. Unfortunately, what people see on TV is not telling the whole truth about cannabis. This bill is as if you have over a hundred different pharmaceuticals that you can use for epilepsy but it is being said that you can only use one and if it does not work then you are screwed. Why should we limit it to just one cannabinoid or just one breed? It is not just children with seizures, We have tons of veterans coming home with post-traumatic stress that are using THC-rich cannabis to get their pills. Cancer and HIV / AIDS both need THC-rich remedies for relief from nausea. Like CBD, THC also controls the growth and spread of tumors. THC has been shown to be important in helping glaucoma, fibromyalgia, depression and countless other conditions.

The LeafOn line: People talk about the effect of being ‘stoned’, what are your thoughts on this and what terminology do you prefer?

Jason: Using the word plated, talking about high potency is a tactic of the fearful that is used to keep cannabis illegal and obscure the truth about THC. Parents call me all the time asking about their children’s weaning about cannabis, but they are afraid of THC because it will make their child get stoned. I tell them that their children are already stuck by the pharmaceutical industry, which would be less dangerous and less damaging, if they use cannabis, even cannabis rich in THC.

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