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online Muslim matrimony in Pakistan

online Muslim matrimony in Pakistan

We are Pakistani nation, we are Muslims, are we really obeying Islamic laws regarding matrimony? Just have a look at some traditions in our culture –dowry is an amount of money, home appliances, furniture and other using things given by the bride’s side to the groom’s family. The purpose of providing such a hefty dowry is granted the bride’s status in the groom’s family. This concept originated in us because our culture is mixed with the Indian culture where dowry system is taking as priority.To get married, a girl’s family have to offer a high-cost dowry to the opposite side party. Poorer families, especially those who possess several daughters can’t afford that much dowry. This leaves those girls with a socially condemned life and they compelled to live alone to spinsterhood.Or if they married, they will be asked about the dowry, in-laws or sometimes even her husband force her and do physical and mental abuse of the girl to get dowry. It is ok for the upper class they can afford it, but our middle and poor class people is crushing under this.

Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) said, “The best of dowries is the simplest”. While choosing a life partner for your daughter, keeping in mind that you should notice the character of the boy, how his family treating you? Also the groom’s family should search just for nice family and a nice girl.These should be our culture, live simple and choose simple should be our priority.

In finding the right partner, is with you. It is a best platform for all the Muslim singles to find their soul mate because the honor understands all the today’s problem regarding matrimony and that’s why providing you the services of online Muslim matrimony in Pakistan. You can trust on this matrimony site, we are focusing on all your problems and making the right decisions to overcome this.Online Muslim shadi in Pakistan still is the topic of discussion in Pakistan that whether to do online shadi is good or not. But we suggest you that there is no harm to take a try by registering on, there are several hurdles you can find when talking about shadi, may be your daughter could find the right partner here. So join us by entering your true details, and have patience Allah will show you the right person at the right time.

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